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Black Cherry OG

The high from Black Cherry OG is best described as sleepy, with exhilaration and a dreamlike sense of boosting vigor. It smacks you in the face, giving you the sense of someone pressing down on your internal pressure button. You'll feel all your tension melt away after just one hit, and you'll sink deeper into your chair. This phase lasts for hours and is marked by a great deal of contemplation and haziness. You'll start to nod off now and again, and on the way down, you'll fall completely asleep, which for many people is the best night's sleep they've ever had.

Blue Bacio Cookies Strains

Buy Blue Bacio Cookies Strains which is a hybrid strain that hits you with a powerful dose of exhilaration and happiness. You'll have a calming experience with a sense of mental clarity and focus after a few minutes of absolute happiness. Enjoy luscious cherry notes with a hint of earthiness that lingers on the palate.

Bubble Gum Strain

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Cereal Milk Weed

Cereal Milk Weed, This strain is smooth with an almost sweet smoke exhale. It’s a non-cough strain. The buzz is a warm cerebral rush followed by relaxing, happy smile-type high. Still functional and not a couch high at all. Buds are larger and colorful. Stick together in clumps. Pleasant and fruity.

Cookies N Cream ( Cookies and Cream )

Buy Cookies and Cream buds are small to medium in size, and they do not tend to stick together in massive, chunky clusters like other types of buds. When adequately cured, the flowers have a medium to dark green appearance, with yellow pistils weaved in and out of the densely-packed leaves on either side of the flower. Icy white trichomes cover the blooms, causing buds to be only slightly sticky and easy to break apart even when they are wet.

Green Crack Strain

When it comes to naming and promoting strains, shock value can be a valuable commodity. Snoop Dogg, a cannabis expert, renamed this strain "Green Crack" after experiencing its powerful sativa effects. Despite the fact that some people still prefer the term Cush to avoid any negative connotations associated with cannabis, everyone loves this fruity and earthy strain. Green Crack's origins are unknown; it was bred in Athens, Georgia in the 1970s and is a descendant of the ever-popular Skunk #1, but it may possibly have Afghani landrace indica in its background.

Grenadine Strain

Grow Tip: Plants for grenadine cultivation can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Indoor maturation will take an average of 9 to 10 weeks. Its seeds can be purchased via online retailers.

Lucky Jet Strain

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This traditional sativa strain is one of the most well-known on the list. It's a hybrid of Hawaiian and an unknown strain. Based on the name, you'd expect this sativa to have tropical notes like pineapple that make it a pleasure to smoke. These sativa plants are said to have originated in the volcanic soil of Hawaii. It's a clear winner as a pure sativa with high THC levels.

Mendo Breath Strain

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Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz is a strain best suited for hanging out with friends in a relaxing environment because of its unique combination of courage and drowsiness. This strain is the perfect pastime, best buddy, protector, and food if you're slumped on your sofa and ready to waste a day with some friends. It's all in one.


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